Sample Bookbinder Resume

Contact information

Neeraj Doshi

C234, East Padmavati Colony, Mumbai

Career objective

To obtain bookbinder career where I can utilize my skill in operating the different types of machinery used to bind books.

Career Achievements

  • Interpreted the history of the craft of bookbinding for visitors to the shop.
  • Restored and rebound antique volumes in styles compatible with their date of printing.



Rose Publication, Mumbai, 2007-Present

  • As a bookbinder turned the large printed sheets that come off printing presses into books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, calendars, and loose-leaf folios.
  • Bindery work included cutting, perforating, folding, and collating sheets.
  • Apply glue to back of book, using brush or glue machine, and attach cloth backing and headband.
  • Pack, weigh, and stack books on pallet for shipment.
  • Place bound book in press that exerts pressure on cover until glue dries.
  • Fold printed sheets to form signatures (pages) and assemble signatures in numerical order to form book body.
  • Compress sewed or glued signatures to reduce book to required thickness, using hand press or smashing machine.
  • Imprint and emboss lettering, designs, or numbers on cover, using gold, silver, or colored foil and stamping machine.
  • Glue outside endpapers to cover.

Book Binder

Classic Publications, Mumbai, 2004-2007

  • Attach endpapers to top and bottom of book body, using sewing machine, or glues endpapers and signatures together along spine, using brush or glue machine.
  • Trim edges of book to size, using cutting or book trimming machine or hand cutter.
  • Apply color to edges of signatures, using brush, pad, or atomizer.
  • Insert book body in device that forms back edge of book into convex shape and produces grooves to facilitate attachment of cover.
  • Cut cover material to specified dimensions and fit and glue material to binder board manually or by machine.
  • Cut binder board to specified dimension, using board shears, hand cutter, or cutting machine.

Education and Certification

· High School Diploma

Springfield High School, Mumbai, 2004


  • Member of Mumbai Non Industrial workers Union.
  • Paced 2nd in All India Drawing and Painting Competition, 2003.


Aditya Chopra

Chief Manager

Rose Publications