Microbiologist Resume

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Contact Information

Nelish Vora

Chembur Colony, Mumbai

Career Objective

Extremely talented Microbiologist with an extensive experience in studying structure and uniqueness of micro-organisms.

Career Achievements

· Knowledge of working as a microbiologist for 5 years.

· Good information of animals and plant organisms, their cells, functions, interdependencies and tissues.



JK Biotech Solutions
(2008- Present)

· Focal point on the structure, growth, development of micro-organisms and bacterial.

· Isolated, identified and characterized microbes

· Arrange microscopic examination of morphological, cultural and physiological characteristics to recognize the micro-organisms.

· Maintained bacterial and fungal cultures

· Observe the act of the micro-organisms on living tissues of plants, higher animals and dead organic matter.


MMB Biotech

· Arranged and optimized microbiological quality manage tests for raw materials, in-process bulks and finished products

· Performed related assignments & tasks as vital

· Maintained bacterial and fungal cultures

· Handled HPLC and Spectrophotometer machines

· Extracted, purified DNA and implemented PCR techniques to modify DNA characteristics


Neha Chopra

Chief Manager

JK Biotech Solutions