Embedded Software Engineer Resume – Sample Embedded Software Engineer CV Template

Contact information

Neeraj Doshi

C234, East Padmavati Colony, Mumbai

Career objective

Applying my embedded software skills to be a strong contributor to software design and development processes, widening my knowledge of new technology, and taking a team leadership role.

Career Achievements

  • Monitored the performance of products;
  • Maintained manuals;
  • Provided customers with regular reports and feedback on their service requests;
  • Developed and maintaining relationships with customers;
  • Made recommendations to maintenance technicians;
  • Offered feedback on future product development, features and functions.


Embedded Software Engineer

Q-Mix Audio Engineering, Mumbai, 2007-Present

  • Using Dev Studio (C++) developed entire user application with serial control (RS232/422) logic to allow remote control of up to 16 digital audio routers. This project was implemented using the common MFC Single Document Interface (SDI) architecture providing the framework around Objective Grid V7.01 controls.
  • Developed real-time C software for CAN-based farm planter distributed control systems and tractor transmissions.
  • Hardware platform was INTEL 80C196 micro using NOHAU ICE.
  • Developed real-time assembly language software for Automated Blood Separator in assembly language

Senior Engineer

Multigraphics Corporations of India, Mumbai, 2004-2007

  • Developed real time user interface, control & diagnostic programs for Intset 8088 & Motoset 68705 micros in C and Assembly language on IBM PC for automated duplicators. Softaid IceAlyzer 8088 ICE.
  • Developed Motoset 6809 & 68000 real time control & diagnostic software for web offset press control panel and folder motor controller, written in C and assembly language using PSOS RTOS with Tektronics and Applied Microsystems ICEs.

Staff Engineer

Segal Software, Mumbai, 2002-2004

  • Provided complete software support for medical practice report generation tool (Report Builder) used to create report layouts and render onsite reports for healthcare personnel and patients. This career deviation required innovative debugging methods to solve numerous bugs.
  • Enhancements included upgrading user interface, fixing numerous report rendering bugs, optimizing file and printer control and adding capability to render reports to PDF format.

Education and Certification

  • M C A (Software Engineering)

IIT Chennai, 2002

  • B Sc.

Pyramid Institute for Scientific Studies, Mumbai, 1999


  • Worked on team developing Electronic Keyboard Patent 20090DFE671401-  2007
  • Three patent disclosures submitted at Multigraphics, 2006.
  • Contributed to design of two award-winning games.
  • Manufacturing support for soft wares for Common Wealth Games, 2010


Aditya Chopra

Chief Manager

Q-Mix Audio Engineering