Clinical Research Coordinator Resume

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Contact Information

Logan Cheeke
12A 1nd Floor,
Sindhi Soc., Mumbai

Career objective

Looking for a full time position as a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator/ Administrator in the Pharmaceutical field. Ambulatory clinic, Doctor´s office and Medical Center. Experience en Research, Plastic Surgery and Mental Health.

Career Achievements

  • Analytical, accurate, detail-oriented, and proficient in MS Office.
  • Data Extraction, Analysis and Reporting from Excel, Access and PowerPoint.
  • Excellent understanding of Budgeting, and creating of financial Reports.
  • Strong Clinical Background and Acumen in Diagnosing, treating, and monitoring of various Diseases and Clinical conditions.
  • Strong, Balanced, and uncompromising Administration Skills with integrity and credibility.
  • Reliable, able to integrate and harness every resource in getting the job done, and on time.


2006 – 2009

Clinical Research Coordinator
Quest Diagnostics Inc., Mumbai

  • Excellent understanding of Good Laboratory Practices.
  • Excellent electronic medical/research data input, capture, Recording, and Transmission.
  • Collection, processing, and ensuring the transportation of specimen from research Subjects
  • Clarification of written tests orders otherwise not legible.
  • Consulting with Physicians and/or their Offices to Rectify and Clarify orders
  • Act as a backup for unsuccessful Venipuncture for other technicians
  • Excellent AMA tests´ nomenclature and Terminology, and Laboratory Processes.
  • Excellent Knowledge of Medical significance of ordered tests in the context of initial Workup, Differential Diagnosing, and monitoring.
  • Good understanding of ICD-9 Diagnoses and laboratory tests Coding
  • Excellent understanding of US laboratory, Healthcare, and Insurance Systems (initial, differential diagnosing, and follow up and monitoring lab workup)
  • Excellent application of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, (HIPAA) Patient Confidentiality, and OSHA regulations.

2003 – 2006

Clinical Research Coordinator
Central Jersey Family Medical Group., Mumbai

  • As an observer but with direct contact with patients (in/out- patients)
  • Task included taking history, performing focused Physical Examination, formulating Differential diagnoses, assessment, management plan(testing and treatment options) consistent with US format.
  • Reading and interpretation of EKGS, Spiro graphs, and Laboratory results.
  • 5-7 hours per a week of in-patient rounds with Dr. Newman participating in examination of patients and constructive discussions.
  • Good understanding of the Basics and Dynamics of the US hospitals and healthcare system
  • Familiar with the process of admission and Discharge, and Referral of in-patients and writing of Discharge summaries.
  • Discussion of patients´ cases with other Physicians and Residents
  • Performed brief focused physical examinations and interacted with patients with significant medical physical signs and observations
  • Acquainted with various documentation forms, files and electronic medical records e.g. Telemetry

2000 – 2003

Medical Director
Marcom Hospital, Mumbai

  • Responsible for all administrative issues of the 20-Bed primary care Facility as the only Doctor, two Nurses, a laboratory Technicians, and a Ward Attendant.
  • I attended to about 100 patients as GP weekly.
  • lived across Hospital and served as backup physician.
  • Everyday on-call night duty
  • Performed about 5-10 surgeries and Procedures weekly
  • Provided emergency Triage, first aid medical care, and assistance before referral to specialists´ care Hospital when necessary.
  • Patient spectrum included pediatric, geriatric, obstetrics, gynecologic, surgical, and medical.
  • Encountered wide range of disease conditions: acute, chronic, infectious, and terminal.
  • Maintained and coordinated excellent teamwork but also individual professional initiative.

Education and Certification

  • MBBS
    Mumbai University, Mumbai
  • B.SC
    Mumbai University, Mumbai
  • H.S.C (Commerce)
    S.K Somaiya College, Mumbai


Sohan Singh
Web Designer
Infotech Ltd., Mumbai