Biomedical Engineer Resume

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Contact information

Neeraj Doshi

C234, East Padmavati Colony, Mumbai

Career objective

I have in depth knowledge of engineering in general with specialization in Biomedical engineering concentrating in biomaterials, biomechanics and materials science. I’m seeking a position as a Biomedical Equipment or Electronics Engineering Technician.

Career Achievements

  • Proficient in surface characterization techniques such as SEM, AFM, TEM, Surface profilometry and Optical Microscopy and Performed a research project characterizing biomaterials and characterizing gold nanoparticles used for gene/drug delivery as non-viral gene delivery vectors
  • Successfully designed and researched total hip arthroplasty and total knee arthroplasty on Pro-Engineering with the Finite Element Analysis of load distribution. Designed implants were compared with currently manufracturered one as well.
  • Pharmacokinetics analysis was researched and conducted project describing the mathematical relationship between the doses and the concentration distribution of the drugs at various sites of the body.
  • Harmonic ultrasound contrast imaging project was accomplished as a research in improvement of therapeutic pancreatic cancer using site-targeted micro bubbles.


Biomedical Engineer

Prime Biomedical Research Institute, Mumbai, 2004-Present

  • Interpreted and implemented quality assurance standards to ensure quality product.
  • Successfully managed a team (of up to 24 people) in the quality assurance auditing of HP´s manufactured products.
  • Inspect, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain biomedical/electronic equipment.
  • Ran preventive maintenance and safety tests.
  • Maintain product quality accountability culture within manufacturing facility.
  • Drive/support joint Manufacturing Cosmetic Improvement Plan.
  • Support effective employee training/SOP (Standards-of-Operation) compliance.
  • Maintain records and other related documentation, assisting supervisory/non-supervisory employees in administrative tasks directly/indirectly related to work unit´s primary function.
  • Assisting with researching information, assisting with analysis, compiling data for reports, coordinating team´s work processes based on current/future influx of product requiring QA inspection.

Graduate Research Assistant

West Virginia University, Mumbai, 2002-2004

  • Research was to improve biomedical compatibilities of Titanium prostheses using Electrode position technique titanium alloy samples were coated and surface characterization had achieved using SEM, Surface Profilometry and Optical microscopy.
  • Wear Tribometer is designed and built for Tribological testing specifically for Titanium samples.
  • Tutored undergraduate students personally and in groups needing help with Math, Physics and Chemistry
  • Graded in class assignments, homework, and exams for Engineering Design class and returned all work in timely manner

Education and Certification

  • M Sc. (Aerospace Engineering)

West India University, Mumbai, 2002

  • B Sc.

New Mumbai Institute of Technology, Mumbai, 2000

  • Proficient in MS Office, Pro-E, MatLab, Mathematical and familiar with ANSYS, LabView and Auto CAD


  • Nominated in Dean´s List for spring 2000, fall 2001, spring 2001 and Fall 2002 academic semesters.
  • Performed duties in Mumbai General Hospital as a volunteer receptionist desk clerk for several weeks.


Aditya Chopra

Chief Manager

Prime Biomedical Research Institute