Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chronological Resume

A chronological resume is the one that mainly consist of summary of the skills, work history that will explain the responsibilities and brief closing session which will contain education, professional membership and other credits related to the type of job post. In case you are looking forward towards writing this resume it is important for you to know the advantages as well as disadvantages of it.



Majority of the readers will only take few seconds to read the resume and within that time the reader must get an idea about the skills and proven results. This is easily possible if you have adopted chronological resume, this is because in this there will be a summary followed by the history which will highlight the duties from the victories.


The fact is the job applicants do not have the time to write the resume again and again every time they are looking forward to the job. This is where this format can be best for you as you can easily revise the work history as well as closing sessions according to the requirement. This is very time saving.


This is one of the common formats that are being utilized these days and employers are sure to pay serious attention to this as it highlights all important things.


Much of details:

This format is very flexible and so the applicants usually include many things, along with those things that are not important for the job. In case you avoid to include the things that are not require you will have to do too much of editing.

More visual tweaking:

People usually tend to include many graphics in this format but trying to be simple can help you in getting great results.

These are the advantages as well as disadvantages of chronological format and now that you know them you can decide whether this format can be right for you or not.